This is Velohub

We make smart technology for cyclists. It’s in this last sentence where you can find our three main singularities:
We build products that match our customer’s lives. Creating nice and smart designs that fit incredibly well on everybody’s bicycle
Technology is our passion and our daily subject of discussion, and we want to use it to improve not only cyclists safety, but also their riding experience
Why driving a car if we can ride a bicycle? Healthy, clean, fast, cheap and quiet. We know what it takes to be a cyclist and we always look for solutions to the problems we have
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Meet the Team

Javier Fernandez de Alegria
The Climber
Javier Bilbao
Business developer
The All-rounder
Carlos Florido
Head of Electronics
The Time Triallist
Katarina Sladek
Head of Marketing
The Puncher
Angel Romero
Electronics Engineer
The Sprinter

Contact us

Wiesenstrasse 10A
8952 Schlieren
+41 77 908 83 80

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