Blinkers – What’s going in September?

THE burning question will be answered, and Blinkers finally becomes reality. Burning question: When will the Blinkers be delivered? There’s a lot that comes together when producing a new product for the first time. After all the intense testing, modifying and the perfection of the final version of the Blinkers, we can finally publish the Read more about Blinkers – What’s going in September?[…]

July 2017 – Indiegogo Update

What’s up everybody? I hope you are all enjoying the summer! For the guys in the South Hemisphere, I hope winter is treating you well! We thought it was time for an update about the production process! Not really big news, apart from the fact that we are still on track to meet the delivery Read more about July 2017 – Indiegogo Update[…]

Indiegogo update – May 2017

Hey backers!! The campaign was over a couple of days ago and we have not yet updated you!  We have big announcements now! 🙂 So, let’s take it step by step. 1. The goal was not met… What will happen next? When we launched the Indiegogo campaign, we set flexible funding. That means, even if the goal Read more about Indiegogo update – May 2017[…]

What does your bike mean to you?

Rio de Janeiro, 2014. Walking by the streets of Tijuca, a middle class neighborhood in the northern zone of Rio, the heat was nearly unbearable. 41 degrees and the feeling that Sahara would be a better option took over. Not too far away, something looked like an oasis in town. Parked ahead on the street, Read more about What does your bike mean to you?[…]

Empowering the cycling community

Empowering the cycling community has always been one of the top level goals for Velohub. Since we were born we repeat insistently in the mission of making cyclist be safer and more respected on the road. This is a much boiled down version of the true mission of Velohub: Empowering the cycling community. We envision Read more about Empowering the cycling community[…]

Awesome bike-related projects you can DIY!

So, yeah. We’re sorry about this but we’re engineers and we can’t avoid getting overexcited with DIY projects for bikes. Our everyday lives is already building a bike product with our own hands, right? So just because we love it, we’re always keeping our eyes opened to other cool things we can do by ourselves Read more about Awesome bike-related projects you can DIY![…]

5 hidden Instagram gems that bike-lovers will love!

There are things you already know about us: We’re crazy-ass cyclists, active entrepreneurs and keep ourselves busy developing Blinkers. Day and night. What you might not know is that among our team we have a few Instagram addicts. People that enjoy every break time during the day to get picture-updates from friends and contacts. We Read more about 5 hidden Instagram gems that bike-lovers will love![…]

The amazing olympics of Bike Messengers!

Mind Blowing fact: Every year, hundreds of bike messengers from across the globe gather in one big city of the planet to a competition. A competition that will test riders’ physical and mental limits – besides gathering a lot of bike lovers for moments of fun and entertainment, of course! The competition, that started in Read more about The amazing olympics of Bike Messengers![…]

A few reasons that dating cyclists is just THE BEST THING EVER!

1. A stroll on a bike is an awesome date: “Let’s get our bikes and eat something – he said.” 2. They have this adventure spirit Ok, let’s not go thaaaat far… 3. Late date? No more “Sorry, it’s the traffic” Be sure you’ll never hear this from him (if you do – RUN! – Read more about A few reasons that dating cyclists is just THE BEST THING EVER![…]

Playing with fire: Biking tours around volcanoes !

There is a”slight natural tendency” to associate volcanoes to destruction, fear and loads of lava. That could kind of make sense, right? 😉 What if we told you that there are some people who are “very cool” about volcanoes. Actually, they ride all the way up the highest volcanoes in Europe by bike – and Read more about Playing with fire: Biking tours around volcanoes ![…]